Restoring our Relationship with Agriculture

By Ronni Sands Issue: Fall 2005, Restoring Our Relationship with Food; Issue #41, Vol. 10 Ronni Sands is the Garden Teacher at Summerfiled Waldorf School. We can all learn from teacher Ronni Sands as she prepares her Santa Rosa, California high school students for a sustainable future. The present environmental situation calls us to be conscious participants in healing rather ... Read More ►

Earth Is Speaking

LILIPOH interviews Marko Pogacnik Issue: Summer 2007, Climate Change; Issue #48 What are your thoughts on climate change? It is all about language. Since 1997 I have perceived deep-reaching changes going on within the pluridimensional body of the Earth. Looking at them through the eyes of the rational mind, one could speak about massive climate changes happening. These changes can ... Read More ►

Enliven Your Urban Garden Space Naturally

By Basil Williams, D.O. Issue: Winter 2007; Immune Integrity - Issue #50, Vol. 12 With Biodynamic Methods Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I bring health and beauty to my small urban lot without the use of harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides?” “Are there natural methods that I can easily utilize for my outdoor living space that will not harm ... Read More ►

Contact with Wild Places: The Antidote to Nature Deficit Disorder

By Ricardo Sierra Issue: Spring 2008: The Spirit in Color - Issue #51, Vol. 13   “It is hard to argue with a thunderstorm, or blame poison ivy on the plant.” As a boy growing up in upstate New York, I attended the pioneering class of the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School. It was a very rural area, (some of my classes ... Read More ►

Honoring the Bien; For the Love of Honeybees

LILIPOH Interviews Michael Thiele Issue: Summer 2008: Honeybees as wise messengers - Issue #52, Vol. 13 Michael Thiele grew up on a farm in a tiny village in central Germany. He has been deeply influenced by the German biodynamic beekeeping movement and now teaches classes on natural and holistic beekeeping in the United States. He worked for seven years as the ... Read More ►