Old Age

By Renee Meyer, MD Even if we are enjoying a vigorous middle age, somewhere in our sixties we begin to sense our mortality. A quiet, persistent reminder arises from deep recesses of our thoughts, or stirs the air behind our shoulders. It breathes “but time may overcome you,” when we indulge in long-term planning or think fondly of undertaking a ... Read More ►

Die and Become!

By Michael Lipson, PhD Spring 2001: Death and Rebirth - Issue #23 Though it sounds a bit snappier in German, Goethe's great slogan of transformation, "Die and Become!"(Stirb und werde!) can still serve as our own. It contains the secret of spiritual development, which is a succession of deaths to what has been and a series of openings to the ... Read More ►

The Call

A Community Coming Together for Viroqua Teens By Charlene Elderkin On a Sunday afternoon in early June I headed to the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells to give a presentation on Home Funerals. I had been invited to speak to the Wisconsin Coroners and Medical Examiners conference by the Columbia County Coroner who located me through the organization I ... Read More ►