Post-Pandemic:  “Where Were We?”

by Nancy Blanning Things are different now. The pandemic is subsiding, to everyone’s great relief, though it is not gone. We weathered two-and-a-half years of anxiety and isolation as best we could. Everyone had to make sacrifices and realize that we did not have the freedom to go or do usual things—being with family and friends, sharing meals, attending artistic ... Read More ►

“Show Me How to Do Life:” The Implicit Request From the Young Child

By Nancy Blanning How human beings learn the way things work—achieving a new skill or following a sequence of thoughts—is an interesting question to ask. For adults who want to learn something new—juggling, sourdough starter preparation, or washing machine repair—the internet and YouTube are often where we go first in our modern world. We watch the video, follow the steps ... Read More ►

“Will We Wake for Pity’s Sake?” Healing Through Choice at Inner Fire

Beatrice Birch Inner Fire, Inc. is a licensed, not-for-profit, proactive, healing community in Brookline, VT, that offers striving individuals the choice to recover from debilitating and traumatic life experiences. These individuals struggle with difficulties that typically lead to addiction and mental (soul) health challenges, creating the need to strengthen oneself on a deeper spiritual level but without the use of ... Read More ►

Creating a Play Garden: How to Build Welcoming Outdoor Spaces for Children and Adults

Faith Collins Some passions can lie dormant for years, sleepily lifting their heads from time to time until they finally get the chance to explore and be explored more deeply. For me, gardening is one such passion. I’d had occasional veggie boxes and planted flower bulbs here and there, but it wasn’t until I started working in early childhood education ... Read More ►