Mistletoe Therapy for Cancer Treatment: A Conversation with the authors of Mistletoe and the Emerging Future of Integrative Oncology

Mistletoe and the Emerging Future of Integrative Oncology is a new book co-authored by a team of seven dedicated and collaborative physicians who are actively working with mistletoe therapy. We asked two of the authors a few questions about their new book. Let’s start at the beginning – most of us think of mistletoe as the plant we stand beneath during ... Read More ►

A Michaelmas Autumnal Tradition: Celebrating Forty-five Years of Grape Stomping at Frey Vineyards

by Eliza Frey A central beauty of Waldorf education is the deep and intentional observance and celebration of the seasons. As children progress through the grades, each year is marked by festivals, songs, theater, food, and dances that honor the passing of time. I had the good fortune to spend my kindergarten and grade school years at the Waldorf School ... Read More ►

Waldorf Principles at Work in the Community: The Story of the Brightmoor Maker Space

By Bart Eddy Detroit Community: Preparing the Soil Detroit Community Schools, a K-12 public charter school, is now in its twenty-fifth year of operation and firmly established in the Brightmoor/Cody-Rouge neighborhoods on the northwest side of Detroit. Candyce Sweda and I became the co-founders of Detroit Community High School and Kindergarten, as we were called back then, in 1997. We ... Read More ►

A Call for the Year of the Child: Attending to Childhood Human Rights

by Melissa Greer, DO Since the spring of 2020, we have all been stretched in different ways, yet a cautiously hopeful feeling is in the air. Particularly vulnerable among us have been the youngest children, and new initiatives are springing up worldwide to help them. In the UK, one such initiative, sponsored by the Children’s Parliament in Scotland, has dedicated ... Read More ►

Nothing Special: Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Kieran Murphy 2.7 billion years of human life could be saved for 211 million people by reversing type 2 diabetes. Why is the medical community not embracing a simple, proven solution?  I am nothing special. Or I am very special. Depending. Like you, perhaps. I’m an ordinary person. I’m a father, son, husband, brother, and lover of family. I’m an ... Read More ►

Rhythms: Tuning the Higher Strings Within Us

By Jeanne Schirm, RN, ANS Our bodies long for rhythm. All life processes in man and nature love rhythms and sequences of time. However, we do not come into life with all our rhythms regulated. The rhythms in the infant and child are still undeveloped and need the parents’ support and guidance. Because we are free to control and influence ... Read More ►