What is an Anthroposophical Physician

By Andrea Schaeffer-Pautz, MD Issue: Spring 2002, A Rich Offering of Therapies - Issue #27 A physician or osteopathic physician who has completed a conventional training with all its external qualifications, who fully acknowledges the benefits and accomplishments of modern medicine, but does not stop there. The anthroposophical physician extends traditionally taught medicine, based on a study of the human ... Read More ►

Rhythm and Water

By Bertram von Zabern, M.D. Issue: Fall 2002, Rhythm and Water - Issue #29 In Search of the Water of Life By Bertram von Zabern, M.D. In the wonderful Grimm's fairy tale of the same name, we learn how the search for "The Water of Life" becomes a life's journey. To find this water, such virtues as modesty, courage and ... Read More ►