Contact with Wild Places: The Antidote to Nature Deficit Disorder

By Ricardo Sierra Issue: Spring 2008: The Spirit in Color - Issue #51, Vol. 13   “It is hard to argue with a thunderstorm, or blame poison ivy on the plant.” As a boy growing up in upstate New York, I attended the pioneering class of the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School. It was a very rural area, (some of my classes ... Read More ►

Honoring the Bien; For the Love of Honeybees

LILIPOH Interviews Michael Thiele Issue: Summer 2008: Honeybees as wise messengers - Issue #52, Vol. 13 Michael Thiele grew up on a farm in a tiny village in central Germany. He has been deeply influenced by the German biodynamic beekeeping movement and now teaches classes on natural and holistic beekeeping in the United States. He worked for seven years as the ... Read More ►

Scientific Study Shows Weleda’s Infludoron Effective with the Common Cold

By Walter Alexander Issue: Fall 2008: Social Health - Issue #53, Vol. 13 An observational study of infludoron (Ferrum phosphoricum comp) showed common cold patients and their physicians regard treatment with the anthroposophical remedy to be effective. Participating in the study (DR-AWB-Fephocom) were 65 physicians (naturopaths, anthroposophical physicians, pediatricians) enrolling 246 patients (95 children) with colds, in either initial or ... Read More ►

De-Clutter Your Holidays

By Lynn Jericho Issue: Fall 2008: Social Health - Issue #53, Vol. 13 Finding The Meaning of Your Traditions The Fall is rich with favorite holidays. We have Halloween with costumes and trick or treating, Thanksgiving with food and gratitude and the Christmas and Chanukah Season with more traditions and activities than we can imagine. Each holiday requires its own ... Read More ►

Mistletoe Treatment for Pancreatic and Colorectal Cancer; Two Research Studies

By Walter Alexander Issue: Winter 2008: Cognition, Heart & Mind - Issue #54, Vol. 13 Study of Mistletoe Treatment for Colorectal Cancer Among cancer patients being treated surgically for stage I-III non-metastatic colorectal carcinoma, those who received supportive care with the fermented mistletoe extract Iscador (ISC) (from Viscum album L.) along with conventional adjuvant (given after surgery) chemo- and/or radiotherapy ... Read More ►

New Spiritual Awareness in Neuroscience

James Dyson, MD, Intrviewed by Walter Alexander Issue: Winter 2008: Cognition, Heart & Mind - Issue #54, Vol. 13 James Dyson, MD, a practicing physician for over thirty years, co-founder of the Park Attwood Clinic in 1978. Park Attwood Clinic is an in- and out-patient UK facility offering a wide range of conventional, complementary and anthroposophical therapies (e.g., rhythmical massage, ... Read More ►