Math – An Exercise in Esoteric Development

By Lori Mackinder Issue: Spring 2007, Staying Human in the Computer Age; Issue #47 The heart chakra, a 12-petalled lotus flower, is the chakra to develop for our current time. We associate the heart as the center of our love, our compassion, and the warmth and coldness of our soul. According to the writings of Rudolf Steiner, six of the ... Read More ►

How Can Cancer be Prevented

By Michaela Gloeckler M.D. Issue: Summer 2007, Climate Change; Issue #48 Broadening the Scope of Preventative Medicine Through Anthroposophy Prevention of illness— a science of health Preventative medicine in our time falls into three categories: Primary prevention: avoiding or excluding the factors that are responsible for an outbreak of illness. For example, in the case of lung cancer, smoking or ... Read More ►

Earth Is Speaking

LILIPOH interviews Marko Pogacnik Issue: Summer 2007, Climate Change; Issue #48 What are your thoughts on climate change? It is all about language. Since 1997 I have perceived deep-reaching changes going on within the pluridimensional body of the Earth. Looking at them through the eyes of the rational mind, one could speak about massive climate changes happening. These changes can ... Read More ►

Teaching our Children to Read, Write and Spell

By Susan Johnson, M.D. Issue: Fall 2007: Issue #49, Vol. 12 Proprioceptive System There is a widely-held belief that if we just start teaching children to write, read, and spell in preschool, they will become better writers, readers, and spellers by the time they reach the first and second grades. This is, however, not true. The truth is that children ... Read More ►

Enliven Your Urban Garden Space Naturally

By Basil Williams, D.O. Issue: Winter 2007; Immune Integrity - Issue #50, Vol. 12 With Biodynamic Methods Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I bring health and beauty to my small urban lot without the use of harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides?” “Are there natural methods that I can easily utilize for my outdoor living space that will not harm ... Read More ►

Poor Diet Means Poor Immune System

LILIPOH Interviews Mark Hyman, M.D. Issue: Winter 2007; Immune Integrity - Issue #50, Vol 12. Physician author Mark Hyman, M.D., has published two books, the New York Times Best Seller Ultrametabolism (released January 2006) and the recently published The UltraSimple Diet (March 2007), both making the link between nutrition, health and weight loss. In view of our present issue focus, ... Read More ►