Curbing Climate Change Through Biodynamic Agriculture

By Elizabeth Candelario "A truly regenerative agriculture is one in which all the natural resources we use to produce food are renewed in the process of using them." —Fred Kirschenmann As the certifying agency for Biodynamic farms across the USA, Demeter’s vision is to heal the planet through agriculture. That’s a bold statement, because the very act of farming worldwide is ... Read More ►

Memory and Digestion

By Robert Sardello, Ph.D. and Cheryl Sanders-Sardello, Ph.D. Issue: Spring 2004, Digestion - Issue #35 Digestion refers to a process of taking in something from the world, where it undergoes complete transformation, and in this transformed activity, life is maintained. A similar process takes place with whatever we take in from the world. Digestion is not limited to food. We ... Read More ►

Inner Health – Outer Ecology

By Steven Johnson, D.O. Issue: Spring 2004, Digestion - Issue #35 Steven Johnson, D.O. is the medical director for Foxhollow Clinic. Located near Louisville, Kentucky, the clinic is a new inpatient initiative integrating anthroposophical, allopathic, and holistic modalities to treat patients with acute and chronic illnesses. The clinic is also developing a retreat and conference center. Learn more at 502-241-4304. ... Read More ►

Genetically Modified Foods; Are Our Freedoms Eroding?

By Laura Langford Schnur Daily, email, mail and media describe desperate conditions, events, crimes against people or nature, appealing for aid and help with petitions. There is so much need in the world! It’s almost overwhelming to know. My soul responds in horror, my will forces engage, muscles tense and I’m mobilized to do something. But what? I can occasionally ... Read More ►

Earth’s Dignity: A Plea

By Vandana Shiva, PhD Today, there are one billion people who go hungry and half of them produce food. Something is going dreadfully wrong when even farmers and gardeners have to go hungry. This fact did not arise overnight, but happened in two steps. First came industrialization of agriculture, the “Green Revolution,” which is neither green nor revolutionary. Bill Gates and ... Read More ►

Winter 2015, Issue #74: Editor’s Note

Dear readers, I invite you to consider that the humble and unassuming task of gardening is a profound method for learning about ourselves, getting touch with our souls, and exploring spirituality. For most of us, our lives are filled with thoughts and feelings that arise in response to what we observe in the world around us—our interactions with others, daily ... Read More ►