Earth Is Speaking

48coverLILIPOH interviews Marko Pogacnik
Issue: Summer 2007, Climate Change; Issue #48

What are your thoughts on climate change?
It is all about language. Since 1997 I have perceived deep-reaching changes going on within the pluridimensional body of the Earth. Looking at them through the eyes of the rational mind, one could speak about massive climate changes happening. These changes can obviously be perceived. But in effect we are, according to my experience, dealing with a specific language that the Earth consciousness is “speaking” to reach the exclusive rationally-oriented mind of modern human beings. Since, as a culture, we do not have a language to communicate with the Earth essence directly, we have become used to receiving its messages in the form of scientific data. As I mentioned, not just me, but also other people who love the Earth and are sensitive to its body and soul impulses, perceive unusual changes going on within the Earth sphere. But we use another language, which tends to be holistic, like geomantic language. So we speak about the changes within the etheric foundations of the Earth space, and changes within the consciousness of the Earth, while climate changes represent “only” one of the results of the Earth’s transformation process.
What role do human beings play?
The pollution of the air, water and Earth is evident, but no one considers, for example, the immense pollution of the emotional atmosphere (aura) of the Earth—billions of people cradling and actively expressing their negative emotions concerning their relationships on personal, national or religious levels. To be aware how strong the influence of the human factor might be, we should also mention the alienated relationship of the global civilization towards the Earth soul and the subtle life-sphere of the planet. Our consciousness is not grounded at all, and as a result our technology is far from being connected to the cycles of the Earth organism. As a result, human culture is blocking the natural cycling of life forces. Blocked life energies produce heat—another possible way to understand the problem of extreme climate.
Is reducing our carbon emissions going to be enough to balance out temperature extremes that some scientists say we are expecting?
From what I said above, it is clear that reducing carbon emissions can’t help much if this kind of decision is not complemented with transformational processes on all levels of the present civilization. I mean processes in which rigid thought forms and alienated emotional patterns together with the worn-out cultural structures undergo a transmutation process—which means much breaking down in the world around us and—at the same time—much effort to develop quality relationships, a true pan-democracy (including all beings, visible and invisible), profound ethical values and a “politics of the pure heart,” for example.
What do you suggest we do?
It is clear to many of us that the proper changes start on an individual level. The personal transformational processes of many individuals worldwide create a new kind of reality. This is already known, yet I have some more proposals. The first one concerns a re-discovering of our personal sensibility. Through my work with projects concerning the health of places and landscapes, I have noticed that the Earth soul has started a self-healing process that drives forward the changes that we sense are happening within our bodies and within the landscape. How can I put it? Gaia is changing the basic structure of reality to avoid catastrophe. If people of the Earth will not be ready to awaken their more profound sensitivity, we will end up in a world aligned to our perception (which at this time is an exclusive servant of the rational mind). We could end up in a void, while the Earth will flourish on another level of reality. Yet she wants all of us to be there!
It seems to me that one reason why this is happening is because we have become disconnected with nature, but maybe things couldn’t have unfolded any other way. What are your thoughts on this?
You are right. To reach a new level of freedom and creativity we had to develop the capacity of the rational mind. It helped us to take ourselves out of the whole and allowed us to become more autonomous beings. This is wonderful and there is no problem with that. It was necessary to experience a kind of detachment from the Earth and Cosmos, to recognize more fully our true essence. It becomes problematic when detachment becomes a form of addiction. In that moment the need for fundamental changes arises. We should learn to integrate the capacities of our rational mind and to think and act holistically without losing our creative freedom. It is not just a need for change. We are already confronted with a wave of change originating from within the inner universe of the Earth.
Are you hopeful for the future?
Absolutely! As an artist I treasure creative challenges as the one we as individuals and as a collective are facing today.