Anti-Racism Resources

Compiled by Christy Korrow 21-Day Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge from Food Solutions New England ‚ÄúWhile the scheduled twenty-one days of this year's Racial Equity Challenge wrapped up in April, we invite you to make use of this materials throughout the year. FSNE invests a significant amount of time and energy updating and improving the Challenge every year and it's our ... Read More ►

From Long Island to Kentucky: A Biodynamic Preparation Maker’s Journey

From Long Island to Kentucky A Biodynamic Preparation Maker‚Äôs Journey by Karen Davis-Brown In his 1924 Agriculture lectures, Rudolf Steiner laid the foundation for today‚Äôs biodynamic agriculture. In Lectures Five and Six, Steiner describes how to make eight ‚Äúpreparations‚ÄĚ to be sprayed on the earth or plants and to be used after a process of transformation in making compost. To ... Read More ►

The Active Antidote: Cancer as a Disease Process

Mark Hancock, MD Cancer strikes fear into a person in a deeper way than perhaps any other diagnosis. Fear is a sense of loss of relationship with one‚Äôs destiny and purpose. It is an excarnating reaction. Some people react with a calm resignation, which is the other side of this same response. Many people with cancer already have the feeling ... Read More ►

Letter from the Publisher, Claus Sproll- Fall 2019- #97

Dear Readers of LILIPOH: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness‚ÄďLiLiPoH‚Äďwas the battle cry of the American revolution, of the call for a new commitment to fundamental rights and an expression of¬† the basic ideas that stand behind the foundation of the USA as a republic. The idea of Liberty, Equality, and Brother/Sisterhood was at the center of the founding ... Read More ►

Sleep. A Wonderful Resource by Daciana Iancu, MD

We need to allow an anabolic, or building up process for the physical and etheric to regenerate. The physical and etheric bodies, when separated from the higher members, have the opportunity to replenish themselves. The ego and astral bodies exit and enter in rhythmic patterns throughout the night.   What an interesting phenomenon happens every night. Darkness descends, activity decreases, ... Read More ►

Anthroposophic Health_Winter 2019_Women’s Health

LILIPOH, Winter 2019 Special Section on Women's Heath authored by members of the Association for Anthroposophic Medicine & Therapies in America (AAMTA) (click the links below and the pdf version of the article will automatically download) Cinderella-Aschenputtel Viewed Through Anthroposophy, Cathy Marconi Fostering Your Warmth and the Warmth of Those Around You, Elizabeth Sustick, RN Osteoporosis, Andrea Rentea, MD and ... Read More ►


Dear Readers, LILIPOH celebrates its 25-year anniversary this year! Many of you might be reading this issue as a ‚Äúsample‚ÄĚ copy that you picked up at your local clinic or school. Did you know that LILIPOH subscribers are necessary to the success and continuation of our publication? In celebration of our 25-year anniversary, I am inviting you to take advantage ... Read More ►

Disciplina-Guiando Estilo √Āngel: Acercarse a la disciplina de un lado puede afianzar la confianza y la cooperaci√≥n

Este art√≠culo ha sido traducido del ingl√©s y originalmente apareci√≥ ¬†en la revista LILIPOH. Esta es una publicaci√≥n trimestral que tiene ¬†fuertes conexiones con la educaci√≥n Waldorf, conceptos de cultivo biodin√°mico y con ¬†la antroposof√≠a de Rudolf Steiner. Somos una voz para motivar cambios sociales, una vida saludable y un estilo de vida hol√≠stico. Agradecemos a Nathalie de los ... Read More ►