Letter from the Publisher, Claus Sproll- Fall 2019- #97

Dear Readers of LILIPOH:

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness–LiLiPoH–was the battle cry of the American revolution, of the call for a new commitment to fundamental rights and an expression of  the basic ideas that stand behind the foundation of the USA as a republic. The idea of Liberty, Equality, and Brother/Sisterhood was at the center of the founding of the republic so many years ago.

These ideas are important but we see their erosion in front of our eyes. We see the lack of exposure of the children to those ideas, we see the blatant opposite in front of our eyes. From the racism and discrimination to the destruction of rain forests, the pollution of the oceans, the development of genetic manipulation--all we see around us is the attack on those ideals.

I am writing this on the day of Michaelmas--the end of September--at a time when we celebrate the strength of the individuals against the morass of hate, fear, doubt--hate of the “other” fear of the future and doubt in what we see and hear (fake news)--but this year it seems all the more stark relief--we see lies and bias, we see separation of families, we see the ocean dying, we see young people demonstrating, we see robotic life develop and we see the appearance of a new experience, a counter to the experience of the individual as a self; we can feel that individuals are giving up and seeing themselves just as a dot, a point in a large system.

It is our hope that LILIPOH can continue to show you the need for individual action, for freedom of the individual, the equality of all human beings and their universal rights and the need to leave the earth to the next generation to enjoy, and to create the situation where we can’t be happy and content knowing that others are suffering.

To that end we need you to stay active in your own communities and to support our efforts by subscribing, sharing, and gifting LILIPOH.


Thank you,

Claus Sproll

Publisher, LILIPOH