Anthroposophical Aspects of Diabetes Treatment

By Ross Rentea, M.D.. Issue: Winter 2006: Gratitude and Love - Issue #46 Vol 11 Medical doctor Ross Rentea invites us to explore some of the deeper causes behind diabetes. Probing the relationship between our physical condition, cultural influences and our soul and spirit, he explores how an anthroposophic physician treats the individual with a diabetic condition. When it is ... Read More ►

How Can Cancer be Prevented

By Michaela Gloeckler M.D. Issue: Summer 2007, Climate Change; Issue #48 Broadening the Scope of Preventative Medicine Through Anthroposophy Prevention of illness— a science of health Preventative medicine in our time falls into three categories: Primary prevention: avoiding or excluding the factors that are responsible for an outbreak of illness. For example, in the case of lung cancer, smoking or ... Read More ►

Scientific Study Shows Weleda’s Infludoron Effective with the Common Cold

By Walter Alexander Issue: Fall 2008: Social Health - Issue #53, Vol. 13 An observational study of infludoron (Ferrum phosphoricum comp) showed common cold patients and their physicians regard treatment with the anthroposophical remedy to be effective. Participating in the study (DR-AWB-Fephocom) were 65 physicians (naturopaths, anthroposophical physicians, pediatricians) enrolling 246 patients (95 children) with colds, in either initial or ... Read More ►

Responding to the Effects of Nuclear Radiation

Anthroposophic Medicine's Potential for Healing By M Kelly Sutton, MD As of April 10, when I write this, most of the world has experienced a sort of fire drill, rather than the full-scale tragedy that Japan has endured as a result of last month’s earthquake and tsunami. Japan's remarkable ability to safeguard, organize and endure is incredibly taxed by this ... Read More ►

A Pediatrician’s Insight on Autism

LILIPOH Interviews Michael Allen, MD LILIPOH: Please give us a short introduction to your practice. Dr. Allen: I have been a pediatrician for 21 years, and I am board certified in anthroposophic medicine, holistic medicine, and traditional pediatrics. In 2008, my wife and I set up an anthroposophic healing center near Fair Oaks, California, The Center for Living Health. We ... Read More ►

The Etheric Body and Health

By Alicia Landman-Reiner, MD, and Glenda Monasch, TE A therapeutic collaboration between an anthroposophic medical doctor and a therapeutic eurythmist Anthroposophic medicine is most fully realized when practiced through a multi-disciplinary approach. In much the same way that an illness may be expressed through varied symptoms and manifestations, so, too are the manifold therapeutic approaches that can work to support ... Read More ►