Fall 2012, Issue #69: Editor’s Note

Whether you are a parent, an organizational leader, some one looking to improve your health, your diet, or your emotional life, this issue has something for you! As our publisher Claus Sproll discusses in his annual fall letter, (p. 3) “electing LILIPOH” means saying yes to a holistic outlook, and to taking the needs of all beings into consideration when ... Read More ►

Spring 2013, Issue #71: Editor’s Note

Dear Readers, Whenever we put together an issue on education, it comes together quite effortlessly. In fact, there are so many authors in our community who have important messages to share about the education of children that LILIPOH could easily become a magazine with a purely educational focus. As you will read, many of these creative educational models use the ... Read More ►


By Nancy Blanning Overstimulated and Underprotected in the Modern Media World Information, useful and trivial, wanted or not, bombards us constantly. Our senses are continually stimulated. In self-protection, I have personally found an email access that avoids a “home page”— I no longer am assaulted with the latest celebrity news, nor the disaster of the moment, whether actual or threatened, ... Read More ►

The Camphill Academy

By Jan Goeschel Renewing Higher Education and Professional Development Anyone who follows the current discussion about the future of higher education will quickly recognize that the current world of colleges and universities is in serious need of some radically new ideas and visions. The Camphill Movement in North America, a movement of intentional communities dedicated to social renewal on the ... Read More ►

Whose Idea Is Your Child Thinking?

By Nancy Blanning The Effects of Media on Your Child’s Context for Life It is our fondest hope as parents and teachers that our children will be allowed to encounter the world directly through the freshness and unprejudiced vision of their own eyes, ears, and hands. I think of our grandson’s dedication to snail-watching last spring and summer. Nothing was ... Read More ►