The America Festival by Nancy Poer

The America Festival, May 28-31 2016, at White Feather Ranch, near Placerville, California, became a very special gathering of some wonderful individuals from far and wide, diverse in ethnicity, religion, native country, and all ages.  Nearly sixty in all, we were like stellar microcosm of America united in a common striving of a deeper understanding for the country we love ... Read More ►

Quality of Life—An Exploration of Biography and Social Art

By Susan Crozier In 1996, I was 42-years-old and our family relocated to a new state. I was experiencing a difficult time of loneliness, anxiety and a loss of camaraderie. The outer landscape was beautiful but my interior one was a dark wood.  "What direction will lead me out of this wood?" That year, Sunbridge College in Spring Valley, NY, was starting ... Read More ►

A Signature of Recent Events

By Bernhard Steiner Winter 2001: Tension and Relaxation - Issue #26 “Now the twenty-first century has truly begun” was a statement voiced after the brutal terrorist attacks in September. As the events have sunk into our consciousness our feeling of life has changed. How are we to react appropriately? How can we prepare for what is yet to come? Anthroposophy ... Read More ►

Social Health: Time to Make New Choices

LILIPOH Interviews David C. Korten Issue: Spring 2004, Digestion - Issue #35 David Korten is the author of When Corporations Rule the World, a book that eight years after its 1996 publication reads like a biblical prophecy unfolding before our eyes. He is currently writing another book, tentatively entitled, Renewing the American Experiment. LILIPOH: How did you come to write ... Read More ►

Generosity and Caring: A Path to National Security

LILIPOH interviews Rabbi Michael Lerner Issue: Fall 2004: SEXUALITY: A CONTEMPORARY LOOK - Issue #37 Michael Lerner is the rabbi for Beyt Tikkun synagogue in San Francisco. He is best known as editor of Tikkun Magazine: A Bimonthly Jewish Critique of Politics, Culture and Society. Among his many books: Jews and Blacks: Let the Healing Begin (with Cornell West); The ... Read More ►