Die and Become!

By Michael Lipson, PhD Spring 2001: Death and Rebirth - Issue #23 Though it sounds a bit snappier in German, Goethe's great slogan of transformation, "Die and Become!"(Stirb und werde!) can still serve as our own. It contains the secret of spiritual development, which is a succession of deaths to what has been and a series of openings to the ... Read More ►

How to Treat Childhood Illness

By Philip Incao, MD Summer 2001, The Child - Issue #24 All of the common illnesses of childhood are inflammations. "Infection" is the wrong word for them because it suggests that we get sick because germs invade us. This is misleading. We are always exposed to, and often harbor, germs and yet we only occasionally get sick. Why do we ... Read More ►

A Signature of Recent Events

By Bernhard Steiner Winter 2001: Tension and Relaxation - Issue #26 “Now the twenty-first century has truly begun” was a statement voiced after the brutal terrorist attacks in September. As the events have sunk into our consciousness our feeling of life has changed. How are we to react appropriately? How can we prepare for what is yet to come? Anthroposophy ... Read More ►