Spring 2016, Issue #83: Editor’s Note

Issue83cover1Spring 2016, Campaign Finance and the Social Order in the 2016 Election - Issue #83, Vol. 21

Dear Readers,

By the time you read this, spring will be turning to summer and hopefully we will all have a little more time to be outside, to take time away from our busy work lives to be with family and friends, and to have some fun.

I am most excited this issue about something rather unusual. It is not the rich and informative articles, the colorful ads, nor the amazing art work featured this time around.

I want to bring your attention to our brand new order form on Page 4!

On the order form you will find all of our subscription options, including new ways to subscribe, gift, and share LILIPOH: you can have a copy of the magazine sent to a local clinic, library, or school, order bulk subscriptions, auto-renew your subscription, subscribe to our improved digital subscription, and … we have even added a special category to become a friend of LILIPOH, for those who would like to support our work in a more generous way.

Yes, folks, this is an old-school order form that you clip out of the magazine. We think this is fitting with our identity as a print magazine published only quarterly, in a world where digital headlines whiz by with alarming speed!

So, pull out your scissors, fill out the form with an old-fashioned ink pen, put it in a stamped envelope, and mail your order back to us.

Thank you!

Christy Korrow, Editor
PS All of these new subscription options are also available on our new website: www.lilipoh.com.