Go Play

By Nancy Blanning   We did not know that we were creating; we were just doing. Materials were simple and the activity was satisfying. It is said that play is a child’s work. It is important for us to observe and respect children’s play process.       My memories from childhood often recall my mother saying “Go play.” To ... Read More ►

When Nationalism Rears its Ugly Head

A Review of Architecture as Peacework by Rudolf Steiner By Seth Jordan Perhaps the most succinct and provocative description of Architecture as Peacework — a newly translated cycle of lectures by Rudolf Steiner — is to be found in its preface. It is a description of the context into which these lectures were given and their subsequent effect. In Switzerland, which was ... Read More ►

Lakota Waldorf School; Lakota language and values form the foundation of this school on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

By Madeleine Wuergler “Wakanyeja unkitawapi ki Lakoliyapi na Lakol ounyanpi ki yuha manipi kte heca. Our children must walk with the Lakota language and Lakota way of life.” —a goal of the Lakota Waldorf School   It was in 2007 and again in 2013, that I passed by the Lakota Waldorf School while on a road trip around the beautiful ... Read More ►

Winter 2017, Issue #86: Editor’s Note

Dear Readers, Welcome to 2017, a chance for a fresh new start—and time to get to work. Politically, environmentally, and socially, more and more is being asked of us. I found myself with renewed hope as we re-grouped post-election and I conversed with our publisher, Claus Sproll about where and how LILIPOH needs to stand socially and politically in context ... Read More ►

Curbing Climate Change Through Biodynamic Agriculture

By Elizabeth Candelario "A truly regenerative agriculture is one in which all the natural resources we use to produce food are renewed in the process of using them." —Fred Kirschenmann As the certifying agency for Biodynamic farms across the USA, Demeter’s vision is to heal the planet through agriculture. That’s a bold statement, because the very act of farming worldwide is ... Read More ►