25th Anniversary Special Content

Staff Picks

Kaysha Korrow

Editor of LILIPOH

I took over as the editor of LILIPOH in 2021, but the magazine has been a part of my life for nearly as long as I can remember. My mother, Christy Korrow, became the editor of the biodynamic section when I was just six or seven years old and soon took over as LILIPOH’s managing editor. I was surrounded by the magazine for my entire childhood, and my family and our family friends were involved in many aspects of the magazine’s production.

One of the delights of combing through LILIPOH’s archives while putting this issue together was the number of familiar names and faces sprinkled throughout the pages. It was an opportunity to reflect on the changes and growth that my personal community and the LILIPOH community have experienced over the past twenty-five years. These three articles reflect people who are very special to me and have accomplished remarkable things since their articles appeared in LILIPOH. Willy Chavarria, from “Palmer Trading Company: Preserving American Fashion Heritage, Creating Lasting Style,” has most recently had designs appear on the cover of Time magazine, worn by global superstar Bad Bunny. Sasha Bela, from “Math and the Farm-Schooled Boy,” is all grown up and recently finished hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Ivan Potter-Smith, from “Art, Technology, and Society,” continues to inspire with his thoughts on life and art.

Kaysha's Picks:

Palmer Trading Company 
Preserving American Fashion Heritage, Creating Lasting Style
LILIPOH interviews Willy Chavarria and David Ramirez
First published Winter 2013

Radical Farmwives: 
Math and the Farm-Schooled Boy
Robin Bela Verson
First published Summer 2014

Art, Technology, and Society: 
A Conversation with Ivan Potter-Smith
First published Winter 2022

Sandra Volgger-Balazinski

Director of Advertising

I have been working as the advertising director for LILIPOH for over sixteen years. I have been enjoying many beautiful working relationships with our awesome and creative advertisers. Both article picks are based on my interest on these topics as well as the quality of the articles.

Sandra's Picks:

Renee Meyer, MD
First published Summer 2018

Anthroposophic Palliative Nursing 
Renate Varriale, RN
Spring 2019

Stephanie A. Fawcett

Former Website & Social Media Editor

I started with LILIPOH three months after my daughter was born. Being a first-time mom was uncharted territory. With advice being throw at me from every angle from every person who saw me and my new baby, it was overwhelming and hard to ever really know which advice to take. Who knew I would find such insightful information right there in front of me while working at my desk!  I found many helpful articles, particularly those of Nancy Blanning snuck in between the pages of LILIPOH issues. I read them and they really resonated with me and gave me a little snippet of how I would like to raise my daughter. Now my daughter is nearly five, and the articles are still offering me sound advice as she grows.

Stephanie's Picks:

Growing Gratitude with Our Children: 
Cultivating “Please” and “Thank you”
Nancy Blanning
First published Fall 2019

When My Child Says “No” 
Nancy Blanning
First published Spring 2019

“Show Me How to Do Life:” 
The Implicit Request From the Young Child
Nancy Blanning
First published Fall 2022

Long-time Contributors

Christy Korrow

Former Editor of LILIPOH

Christy Korrow served as the managing editor of LILIPOH magazine for more than twenty years.

In 2019, she began working with the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network (WAISN) as a volunteer and co-founded a Rapid Response team on Whidbey Island. She thrives in WAISN’s environment of community-led organizing based in mutual aid, agency, and solidarity.

Now, through her role as Resource & Partnership Development Coordinator, Christy works to dismantle an unjust border regime that results in disproportional barriers to resources. Working closely with the WAISN Hotline team, Christy cultivates strategic partnerships with government agencies and organizational service providers across the state. The team also vets resources for language accessibility, ID requirements, and welcomeness to anyone, regardless of immigration status, so that resources can be equally accessed.

David Tresemer, PhD

Long-time Contributors

David Tresemer, PhD, is the founder of the StarHouse in Boulder, Colorado, and the developer of the Solar Cross system for the “star poem” qualities of each of the 360 zodiacal degrees. He has been an organic/biodynamic farmer and has written The Scythe Book: Mowing Hay, Cutting Weeds, and Harvesting Small Grains with Hand Tools, which has sold a thousand copies every year for forty years. He is the author of star wisdom articles (published in the Journal for Star Wisdom and other books) and is the co-author of the book Star Wisdom & Rudolf Steiner. David is an editor and contributor to The Counselor… As If Soul and Spirit Matter, and the past president of the Association for Anthroposophic Psychology. He has contributed to LILIPOH quarterly for over eight years. Becoming a forum for anthroposophic health initiatives and a bridge from anthroposophy to modern culture is welcome and exciting! StarHouse, as an instrument for bridging earth and spirit, shares these goals.

Mary Lou Sanelli

Long-time Contributors

There are so many reasons I‘ve enjoyed writing for LILIPOH since 2009. Most of all, with the freedom the editors have allowed me, I have seen myself grow as a writer. Appreciative editors are one of my greatest joys. I have been able to apply all of the skills I’ve learned in non-fiction writing in creating a column for LILIPOH, and I love nothing more than when I get to fall freely into my work in order to land my take on the world on the page. 

In my world, the single hardest day of the month is when I realize my deadlines are nearing. So, what’s invaluable in this process, for me anyway, is that I am allowed (within reason, of course) freedom of mind as I dig in toward the center of things one word at a time. The result of this connected trust between the editor and writer? My work, my life, belongs to me in delightfully new and unexpected ways. Like a good friend, LILIPOH gives me back to myself.

Mary Lou Sanelli is the author of Every Little Thing, a collection of essays that has been nominated for a Pacific Northwest Book Award and a Washington State Book Award. Her previous titles include poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. Her first novel, The Star Struck Dance Studio of Yucca Springs, published in 2020, illustrates how life is always a Big Leap for everyone, and her first children‘s book, Bella Likes To Try (2022), was just recently released. She contributes to The Seattle Times Op-Ed Page, and her work has been aired on National Public Radio, Weekend Edition. Her regular columns appear in Pacific Publishing newspapers, Art Access magazine, the Kitsap Sun, and LILIPOH magazine. She has received an Artist Trust Award, an Individual Artist & Humanities grant, and various writing residencies both nationally and internationally. She has been a keynote speaker for such international organizations as Soroptimist International, AAUW International, GFWC (General Federation of Women’s Conferences), and asked to speak at writing conferences, fundraising & private events, book clubs, and other venues. She is also a master dance teacher & choreographer. For more information about her and her work, visit www.marylousanelli.com.

Nancy Blanning

Long-time Contributors

Nancy Blanning is an early childhood educator with a special interest in movement and “incarnational support” for young children. She served as a kindergarten teacher and educational support staff at the Denver Waldorf School, from which she recently retired after almost 40 years. Her dedicated focus now is adult teacher development and professional deepening as co-director of early childhood teacher training at Sunbridge Institute in Spring Valley, NY, and as guest faculty at other teacher training programs. Practical and compassionate support for parents is another of her passions. She and her husband are parents of four Waldorf graduates and grandparents to eight. Grandparenting is Nancy’s greatest joy, along with teaching. She writes these columns on behalf of WECAN—Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America. Please visit the website at waldorfearlychildhood.org.