Disciplina-Guiando Estilo Ángel: Acercarse a la disciplina de un lado puede afianzar la confianza y la cooperación

Este artículo ha sido traducido del inglés y originalmente apareció  en la revista LILIPOH. Esta es una publicación trimestral que tiene  fuertes conexiones con la educación Waldorf, conceptos de cultivo biodinámico y con  la antroposofía de Rudolf Steiner. Somos una voz para motivar cambios sociales, una vida saludable y un estilo de vida holístico. www.lilipoh.com Agradecemos a Nathalie de los ... Read More ►

Biodynamic Products At Whole Foods Markets Near You!

LILIPOH Interviews Errol Schweizer, Whole Foods Market’s Global Grocery Coordinator For those of us who fill our fridge and freezer with local Biodynamic vegetables, milk, and meat—the products more commonly available from local farmers—we can now stock our pantries with Biodynamically grown foods as well now that Whole Foods is launching numerous Biodynamic product lines by well-known processors like Lundberg, ... Read More ►

The Case for Vaccine Choice, Asking the Right Questions

by Joseph Cooney, MD I’ve had many conversations with parents regarding their concerns over the decision of whether or not to vaccinate their children. They are actually quite torn about it. On one hand, the medical world makes the argument that you are either crazy or selfish not to vaccinate. Vaccines help us avoid acute illness and, in doing so, lower death ... Read More ►

Chinese Calligraphy — A Poem

We share this poem by Li Li, a Shanghai-born poet who now resides in Sweden. The poem was submitted to LILIPOH in conjunction with our Spring 2015 issue which featured homeschooling and Waldorf education on Mainland China. —CK   中国书法   李笠 晨和夜 围着毛笔旋转,变成黑字 母亲的教诲:"一切都在这里,苦练 才能不朽! 雨抽打一扇扇关闭的窗子 和窗背后的脸谱 我带着同样的墨上路 我写着同样的字 天和空,为什么是意思相同? 云笑而不答 投下鹅毛大雪。 墓园展销一块块巨墨 一切都写在这里:名字,出身年月 我,一支轮回千年的笔,在写 大地展现死者写过的字 天空俯身观览 并很快又铺上一张浩大的宣纸。继续苦练!   ... Read More ►