Older and Wiser

Issue: Spring 2007, Staying Human in the Computer Age; Issue #47 The Blessings of Our Elders Radio host Glenn Brooks invited LILIPOH editor Christy Korrow to be a guest on his show, along with Native American healer and naturopath Phillip Cloudpiler. What follows is excerpted from one of their on-air conversations. Broadcast on KRXA in Monterey, California on Saturdays at 11 ... Read More ►

Math – An Exercise in Esoteric Development

By Lori Mackinder Issue: Spring 2007, Staying Human in the Computer Age; Issue #47 The heart chakra, a 12-petalled lotus flower, is the chakra to develop for our current time. We associate the heart as the center of our love, our compassion, and the warmth and coldness of our soul. According to the writings of Rudolf Steiner, six of the ... Read More ►

Contact with Wild Places: The Antidote to Nature Deficit Disorder

By Ricardo Sierra Issue: Spring 2008: The Spirit in Color - Issue #51, Vol. 13   “It is hard to argue with a thunderstorm, or blame poison ivy on the plant.” As a boy growing up in upstate New York, I attended the pioneering class of the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School. It was a very rural area, (some of my classes ... Read More ►

De-Clutter Your Holidays

By Lynn Jericho Issue: Fall 2008: Social Health - Issue #53, Vol. 13 Finding The Meaning of Your Traditions The Fall is rich with favorite holidays. We have Halloween with costumes and trick or treating, Thanksgiving with food and gratitude and the Christmas and Chanukah Season with more traditions and activities than we can imagine. Each holiday requires its own ... Read More ►

New Spiritual Awareness in Neuroscience

James Dyson, MD, Intrviewed by Walter Alexander Issue: Winter 2008: Cognition, Heart & Mind - Issue #54, Vol. 13 James Dyson, MD, a practicing physician for over thirty years, co-founder of the Park Attwood Clinic in 1978. Park Attwood Clinic is an in- and out-patient UK facility offering a wide range of conventional, complementary and anthroposophical therapies (e.g., rhythmical massage, ... Read More ►

Dr. Edward Bach and the Invisible Science of Health

By Julian Barnard Edward Bach (1886-1936) was an English MD and homeopath who developed the 38 Bach Flower Essences. He qualified as a doctor in 1912 at a time when the main thrust of medical research was concerned with immunology and the search for new vaccines. These vaccines would defend the population against pathogens which were seen as the cause ... Read More ►