Wreaths or Books

Wreaths or Books  Mary Lou Sanelli  First published Summer 2011    The first thing I saw this morning when I drove out to Fort Worden (in Port Townsend, Washington) was a huge wild rose bush, the biggest I’ve ever seen, last season’s hips still glowing orange, if a little puckered with age. But who isn’t?     It’s been a while ... Read More ►

Too Late to Hide

Too Late To Hide   Mary Lou Sanelli  First published Summer 2020    I’m afraid I was one of the “selfish Seattle people” who went outside to take in, no, breathe in, that glorious sunny Saturday back in March.  It’s no excuse, but like everyone, I was worried and afraid. These feelings drove me out the door, onto the streets, which ... Read More ►

The Walk

The Walk     Mary Lou Sanelli  February 2023   [Text Wrapping Break]  Once a month or so, I walk with a small group of women. It’s one of many routines that keep me sane and steady or at least help keep me sane and steady. We meet for company and exercise, of course, but we also like to blow off steam about the ... Read More ►

So Right  

So Right   Mary Lou Sanelli  First published Spring 2013    I don’t know how much longer I can live in a condo. Seriously.    Consequently, I’m looking at houses again.    And there is this one house. The first time I parked in front  of it, I was more than a little taken with it.    The second time I ... Read More ►


Lifted     Mary Lou Sanelli  First published Fall 2018    It would be easier to write about something else today.  The problem is, I can’t. My friend David died last month.  David’s been struggling for years. And, well, he just couldn’t struggle anymore. And I’ve delayed too long trying to find the words. I consider myself a seasoned writer, but the ... Read More ►

What’s True? 

What’s True?  David Tresemer, PhD  First published Spring 2019    The search for truth has motivated many an expedition into the wilderness of sensations. Many explorers return empty-handed. Anthroposophy can be a helpful guide in the wilds of raw experience. Let’s take an example.    In Australia, I join a Sunday bushwalk, four hours up and down through different eco-zones. ... Read More ►

The Thousand Daily Acts of Self-Protection  

The Thousand Daily Acts of Self-Protection   By David Tresemer, PhD  New    Let’s review a phenomenon you’ve likely seen before. You’ve invited your friend Greg over for tea and toast. You put one piece of toast on Greg’s plate and your piece on another plate. Greg butters his, adds a layer of jam and begins to eat it. All the ... Read More ►


Individualism:  Its Necessity and Dangers  David Tresemer, PhD  First published Winter 2021    The fate of humanity is to grow and mature. “Hurrah! Amor fati! (Love of fate!),” exclaim many, recalling the pains of adolescence with relief not to have to revisit those trials. Yet most people also harbor a secret desire to return to the warm embraces given to ... Read More ►

Gold for Soul and Light for Spirit 

Gold for Soul and Light for Spirit  An Alchemical Conversation  David Tresemer, PhD  First published Spring 2015    The great writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) spent much of his time attending to the requirements of his government position (he was privy council to the duke, and planned highways, silver mines, university buildings) and making necessary decisions for his large ... Read More ►


Anthropos An Etymological Exploration into the Human Experience David Tresemer, PhD First published Spring 2017 The word Anthropos is difficult to pronounce. Some parents of children at Waldorf schools make it through eight years of parent meetings and school events without ever getting the syllables right. But it’s well worth understanding. Anthropology, Anthropocene, Anthroposophy, and just a few other words ... Read More ►