Summer 2017, Issue #88: Editor’s Note

Dear Readers,


Welcome to our summer issue that’s filled with plenty of art and color to lift your spirits. Many would agree that we are in uncertain times, so more than ever, we need to be there for each other, but we also need to be there for ourselves too.

I can’t be prescriptive, but I can share a couple of recent experiences that have helped me stay grounded and optimistic. I grow a lot of flowers, and each day I spend time with them. I enjoy their colors and the bird and insect life they attract. Our daughter gave us a wildflower seed packet last year, and from that we have many volunteer poppies that grew up red and pink and tall. I am amazed at the fragility of their tissue paper-like petals, the way the colors fade from pink to white, and the penetration of the red. I watch them waffle and dip when the breeze comes from the sea nearby. This is an antidote for me.

Recently, our study group gathered to stir biodynamic horn manure, the preparation that helps build soil. We gathered on St. John’s day, shared verses, and took turns splashing and stirring. We came in and shared some cheese and fruit and crackers before reading the last chapter in the book we have been studying, Rudolf Steiner’s lectures on honey bees. Gathering with people around a common aspiration is another remedy that renews my sense of purpose and direction.

Speaking of remedies! We are bringing back our Holistic Wellness Guide (see page xx) this fall. If you are a subscriber, you will receive this as your Fall issue. A team of anthroposophic doctors and nurses helped us do a thorough edit of the ever-so-useful A-Z Guide of common ailments and home health-based solutions. New articles on public health, vaccinations, anthroposophic nursing, and osteopathy will be side by side with how-to instructions on compresses, soaks, poultices, inhalations, and therapeutic baths. Pre-order copies at

As always, I think you will find that this issue of LILIPOH is a tool kit filled with tips and insights to help us navigate life’s chaos and stay connected to the wonder and beauty that still thrives around us.

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-Christy Korrow, Editor