Winter 2016, Issue #82: Editor’s Note

Biodynamic Food and Farming

Biodynamic Food and Farming

Dear Readers,

As we begin a new year, it's helpful to begin by reflecting on what stood out this past year. This year in particular, I wasn't sure how attentive I needed to be to the tragedies of our time: Oregon, Paris, San Bernardino, Syrian refugees, police shootings. And then there are climate change and our upcoming election. My awareness of the largeness of so many critical issues and events causes me to look closely at the relevance of what we publish. To what degree do we need to be aware of something, talk about it, and pay attention to every detail of it to be able to make a difference or change it for the better?

Through LILIPOH, our goal is to highlight models of development that lead to strong community; care for the land and the earth; a better understanding of our own bodies; and soul-filled education for our children. While we may in our own way not be directly addressing the big problems of our time, we are inviting readers to step into experiences that invest into our collective personal and social futures by cultivating in our everyday lives activities that are true and good, wholesome and generous; and that ask us to expand beyond our own individual inclinations and beliefs, putting ourselves in the place of others, seeing the world through their eyes.

It's important that we use our precious life here on earth to work in some capacity for the higher good of all, and to remember how blessed we are to be in a position to be able to enter into the subjects like those presented in this issue of the magazine: deeper explorations of consciousness; enthusiasm about the accessibility of biodynamic foods in the grocery store; questioning and having the choice to vaccinate or not vaccinate our children; and understanding why we want education for children that fosters soul development and creativity, not just intellectual development.

I hope in this way, by sharing the stories in LILIPOH that get our thoughts moving in expanded and generous directions, that we are making a difference when it comes to the “bigger” more troubling issues we face today.

- Christy Korrow, Editor of LILIPOH