Winter 2019, Issue #94: Editor’s Note

Hello readers and welcome to the Winter 2019 issue of LILIPOH,

On the subject of women and women’s health, I would like to offer my gratitude to the team of women who bring this issue to life four times a year.

Each issue we receive letters from authors who are so pleased with the layout and graphic treatment of their article or poem. Hats off to Angelica Hesse, who for many years has brought a high standard of artistic direction and professional design to our pages. If you are in the Portland or Eugene areas, you might just catch her on stage singing in a choral performance or an opera!

At LILIPOH, our advertisers are just as much a part of our community as our authors and readers. Sandra Volgger-Balazinski is the heart and soul of this essential part of the liveliness and economics of LILIPOH. Her new project, Sunflower Service, provides services like yard work, grocery shopping, and volunteering with the help of people with disabilities (Trainees). It’s an amazing concept and you should check it out on Facebook!

Vicki Barany is our steady financial manager. She is consistent, patient, and always there when we need her!

Our proofreader and copy editor Colleen Shetland combs through each word; correcting, correcting, correcting!

Ellaraine Lockie is our fantastic published poet who consistently brings forward provocative poetry out of her wide-reaching community of accomplished poets.

Jenna Welch volunteers as our calendar of events editor.

With this issue we welcome our new subscription manager, Stephanie Fawcett. When you place an order or renew your subscription, Stephanie will enthusiastically assist you! She is also going to be our social media and website editor. If you do not already follow us on Facebook, please join the thousands of other members who are part of our online community. Look forward to hearing from us as we work with Stephanie to develop some new outreach programs designed to expand readership of LILIPOH!

Finally I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Daciana Lancu, MD, a new board member of the Association of Anthroposophic Medicine and Therapies in America (AAMTA). She served as curator of content for the medical articles in the section on Women’s Health. As I have reported throughout my Editor’s Note during 2018, we will continue to publish an increased amount of content out of the anthroposophic medical community as a way to support you on your health journey so you can be on firm ground to carry out your work in the world and fulfill your own mission in life, whatever that may be!

Editor Christy Korrow