Winter 2018, Issue #90: Editor’s Note

Hello LILIPOH Readers!
We are getting a lot of thanks and appreciation for finally bringing back into print our Holistic Wellness Guide. Originally published in 1997, this fully updated edition of the Guide has a mission to empower the individuals, families, and caregivers in a practical and accessible way.
This guide centers on home care and includes hundreds of recommendations on
dozens of common conditions that represent an integration of herbal, naturopathic, and anthroposophic traditions of healing.
We couldn’t have done it without a core team of doctors and nurses from the
Physicians' Association for Anthroposophic Medicine (PAAM) and the North American Anthroposophic Nurses Association (NAANA) who gave the A-Z Remedy Guide a thorough review and update. The guide can easily be ordered from our website and there is also a special order form on page 36 where you will find details on how you can order multiple copies.
Many of you may not know that when LILIPOH was first inaugurated more than twenty years ago, its purpose was to be an anthroposophic medical publication for patients and lay people. Over the years, we expanded our subject matter to provide readers with a broad understanding of health and healthy living by publishing articles on farming and gardening, childhood, social health, living economies, and the arts.
Part of keeping the magazine fresh means that we consistently examine LILIPOH’s focus to make sure we are making the best use of our pages in the highest service to our readers.
It seems that the time is right to reconnect LILIPOH more strongly with the publication’s original medical and home-care impulse as a way to support strong prevention, self-care independence, financial freedom, and to empower us to care for our loved ones.
In upcoming issues, we look forward to exploring topics with you, such as Dementia, Trauma, Death and Dying, Pain, and School Doctoring. We hope you will join us along the journey by becoming a subscriber!
With best wishes for your well-being,
Christy Korrow