Plant Care for the Soul

By Laurieann Quiry
Winter 2000, The Soul's Health - Issue #22

The Soul arises from Spirit yet expresses itself through the physical body. The health of our Soul takes attention and cultivation. Giving attention to our Soul can be difficult in the fast-paced world of work, family and responsibilities, yet taking time to pause and let the day's impressions be reflected upon gives it that attention and awareness.
The cultivation of the Soul weaves the ever-present strand of connectedness to everything around us. It connects us to family, home, community and our deepest selves. To bring artful and poetic beauty to the ordinary activities of everyday life cultivates, engages and intensifies the Soul's presence in the world.

When Soul health is neglected or during times of great emotional upheaval, the symptoms of neglect can present as addictive behavior, anger, despair, depression or grief. The use of plants in the form of flower essences, essential oils and homeopathic medicines reach these places because they work through the instrument of the Soul. The following are three different applications of "Soul" remedies that I have used for those suffering great sadness, depression or a broken heart.

Holly is an evergreen, native to Central and Southern Europe. Its flower is for those who are feeling resentful, jealous, envious and who are having great difficulty in feeling connected with others. They feel a lack of love within themselves and in their life, manifesting great insecurity and suspicion.

Dr. Bach said that Holly opens the heart and unites it with divine love. Associated with Christmas, Holly allows the feeling of in relationship with others. There is the ability to feel unthreatened, accepting and under-standing within the many trying aspects of life.

Ignatia homeopathic remedy has a unique application; it is indicated in conditions brought on by acute emotional stress, and for those experiencing deep depression, rapidly changing moods and hysteria. They are tearful, uncommunicative and melancholy. If these conditions occur after a great disappointment, shock or grief that has been suppressed Ignatia is the remedy of choice.

Rose is the symbol of love, and the essential oil is the perfume of the heart. Rose oil helps to restore the nervous system, relieves insomnia, dispels mental and emotional fatigue and helps soothe anger, irritability, and grief. Rose oil is a heart tonic. It will help to ease palpitations in nervous anxiety, and in all problems of the heart, physical and emotional.

Laurieann Quiry is a practicing herbalist and Reiki practitioner in New Lebanon, NY