Note from the Editor – Spring 2021

Dear Readers,

We hope that spring is bringing a renewed sense of hope into your lives.

You have probably noticed that in almost every issue of LILIPOH for the past two years we have included at least one Spanish language translation in the magazine. In past years, LILIPOH has worked closely with a team in China to translate complete issues of the magazine. These are small but significant steps toward language justice as we continue to create a more inclusive space within our pages and within our LILIPOH community.

In my own community, we have a small group of friends and neighbors made up of immigrants and allies who work together to support each other and help each other in different ways. We created a Spanish language flyer that told people how to get a Covid-19 vaccine if they did not have a computer and needed language support. We shared them with churches, businesses, tacked them to bulletin boards, and gave them directly to community members. Again, it’s a small effort that didn’t take much time or money, but it’s a tangible gesture of care and one that provided access to valuable information.

Do you know communities who would like one or more of our articles translated into a language that would be helpful to their community members?  Let us know and we will work together to try and make it happen!

Christy Korrow