Kaysha Korrow Intro

I took over as the editor of LILIPOH in 2021, but the magazine has been a part of my life for nearly as long as I can remember. My mother, Christy Korrow, became the editor of the biodynamic section when I was just six or seven years old and soon took over as LILIPOH’s managing editor. I was surrounded by the magazine for my entire childhood, and my family and our family friends were involved in many aspects of the magazine’s production.


One of the delights of combing through LILIPOH’s archives while putting this issue together was the number of familiar names and faces sprinkled throughout the pages. It was an opportunity to reflect on the changes and growth that my personal community and the LILIPOH community have experienced over the past twenty-five years. These three articles reflect people who are very special to me and have accomplished remarkable things since their articles appeared in LILIPOH. Willy Chavarria, from “Palmer Trading Company: Preserving American Fashion Heritage, Creating Lasting Style,” has most recently had designs appear on the cover of Time magazine, worn by global superstar Bad Bunny. Sasha Bela, from “Math and the Farm-Schooled Boy,” is all grown up and recently finished hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Ivan Potter-Smith, from “Art, Technology, and Society,” continues to inspire with his thoughts on life and art.