Fall 2015, Issue #81: Letter from the Publisher

Lilipoh Cover Issue 81Witnessing an Emerging New Consciousness

By Claus Sproll

As we have grown from a tribal awareness of family and clan into nation-states, and into a more global awareness, we begin to face the limits of our ability to digest and to act on the amount of information that constantly inundates us. We can have global awareness only with a new consciousness; not one based on an accumulation of facts (computers do that better than humans); or on a synthesizing of information (computers do that better than humans); but in the awareness that we are in fact developing a collective awareness, in a form of interconnectedness that will be able to absorb the information coming toward us and to find solutions.

The signs of this are everywhere; but it is a fact that as always with the emergence of new forms of consciousness, the old forms will attempt to exterminate the new. This is not always easy to discern, as modern technology has a way of obscuring it; of creating systems that can appear like the new consciousness, but are in reality tools to prevent the next step in human evolution. Though a kind of global human is being promoted; one who can be entertained, fed, and used to perform tasks, I also see signs of a new culture of people made up of those who are self-directed, socially aware—and therefore a developing—human being.

I see the following signs of this direction of development, listed below:

In the sharing economy (Uber, AirBnB, job sharing, food sharing, and so forth).

In the way we look at human sexuality beyond stereotypes based on gender, but rather looking at skills such as nurturing and caring as based on each person's individual abilities.

In the recognition that work and income have to be separated, by creating a base income that allows each one a decent standard of living; and the gross disparities between extreme wealth and dire poverty will no longer be acceptable.

In the willingness of different cultures and languages and religions to explore a greater understanding of each other, in which where the decay of organized religions can metamorphose into forms of meditation, spirituality, and care that have roots in many religions, but reject forming new groups or religions based on creed.

In viewing the earth’s resources and climate as a basis for all human existence and working toward a sustainable world. This will include agricultural practices such as biodynamic farming and other sustainable practices, as well as recycling.

In a new culture of dying in which death is not seen as an end but a transition; in a number of religions and spiritual streams we already see very strong elements of this appearing today.

In my view these areas point to the need to differentiate between national and world governance, and to create three distinct but connected areas, as we involve more people and a changing consciousness in the process of discerning and decision-making.

We will develop associations promoting a cultural life that will celebrate languages, religions, artistic expression, culture, and education beyond regional or national borders, thus creating a celebration of difference rather than a system that is divisive.

2) We will develop a world economy with strong representation of those who are active within it: business leaders, members of purchasing or consumer associations, representatives of workers’ rights, scientists with understanding of resources and human activity.

3) We will strive for a government that is reduced to the basic functions of ensuring that laws are expressions of the will of the people (that and courts of independent judges are interpreting laws on a case-by-case basis); of securing the equal protection and access to the areas of life and the upholding of the values agreed upon by all. There will be less central governing, but more central work on upholding common core values, ensuring that resources, culture and education are accessible to all.

It is my opinion that this is what the Spirit of our time is working toward; and surely there are many ways to express this in the new global awareness. It is something which we would like to be part of, and support.

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