2012: A Call to Action for Changing Consciousness

66CoverSmBy Marko Pogačnik

I believe that the year 2012 will be a most powerful year, reminding human beings that we are living in a time of a great cosmic change. I do not see December 2012 as a fixed deadline hanging above our heads, but rather as a challenge in human consciousness, creating awareness that a colossal shift is occurring within ourselves and our environment.

First, we must deal with a process at a causal level of reality, where archetypal patterns are stored deep within us. This is a process of dissolving old patterns of perception that function as a closed framework and exclude other dimensions of reality necessary for life, suppressing them to the realm of invisible.This process is reflected in our day-to-day reality as an ongoing set of catastrophes occurring in our natural environment, as well as in our social environment, including the economic and financial realms.

According to my experience, this new reality is first of all multidimensional, which means that it allows multiple realities to exist parallel to each other. This enables not just humans, but other beings involved in the complex life organism of the earthly cosmos to move freely between different dimensions of existence and communicate with one another. It will also become a base upon which totally different forms of technology will begin to emerge.

I perceive this emerging new world structure as something existing “between the atoms,” representing those points upon which our materially-orientated world is built. It is characterized by a brilliant kind of light and the softly-lit quality of its atmosphere. In the case of the geomantic work, it enables us to easily enter the dimensions of the inner earth and also to experience the widths of cosmos that were not accessible to human consciousness for some time. When earth healing work is performed, the new world structure makes relatively simple ritual approaches highly effective.

The description of my perceptions may sound a bit exaggerated, yet there is a strong shadow side to the earth changes that makes our optimism seem unrealistic. This potent shadow mirrors the present state of awareness and includes our cultural institutions, which are not ready to accept the fact that our planet is undergoing an epochal cosmic change. In fact, our contemporary civilization goes to great lengths to resist positive change, fighting it with means dangerous to the very existence of life, like genetic manipulation or “geo-engineering.”

When considering available options for facing the 2012 challenge, I see a real danger that the counter-forces, working against cosmic change, will conceal to the majority of human beings the fact that the earth transformation is occurring and that we must accept the fact and take part in the transmuting process. We must do this if we want to continue our evolution this exquisite planet. In the worst case, we could find ourselves suspended in the empty space of a paralyzed non-evolution. In my experience, to properly meet the challenge, the effort will need to be creative (sincere, open-hearted and with no sense of competition) and we must make people aware that the ongoing earth changes are part of a cosmic process that we must embrace with our consciousness and cooperate with its many dimensions. Also, in facing the challenge of 2012, we cannot avoid processes of personal transformation, purification and renewal. Our tasks cannot be successfully accomplished if we do not find ways to stay individually connected to our true essence and inner peace.

My insights also tell me that an open-minded approach to the multidimensionality of our natural and cultural environment, of our own being and of the being of our planet is of utmost importance. There are powerful and highly intelligent beings such as elemental beings, our sisters and brothers abiding presently in the spiritual world, and a multitude of different cosmic beings that are ready to help us in our struggle to meet the challenge of 2012 successfully. They cannot help us unless they are invited into the work of human transformation.

So where to start? Every one of us is free to choose. The only thing that we, who are aware of the deep-reaching consequences of the 2012 message, should not do is stay passive or direct human attention to the multitude of things and situations that are of secondary importance in this moment. We must remain focused on this very important task for the transformation of our world.

Marko Pogačnik is well-known for his pioneering work in the fields of ecology, geomancy, geopuncture and lithopuncture. He lives in Slovenia and teaches courses, creates art installations and land development projects and has published numerous books. www.markopogacnik.com